Samples of John’s Work

thumbnail_001 Plymouth Pier

Plymouth Pier

thumbnail_002 Guiness Clock_edited-1

Guinness Clock

thumbnail_004 Harvest Home_edited-1

Harvest Home

thumbnail_006 Mutton Cove_edited-2

Mutton Cove

thumbnail_007 Barbican Days_edited-1

Barbican Days

thumbnail_008 Barbican Nights_edited-1

Barbican Nights

thumbnail_010 Smeatons Tower_edited-2

Smeaton Tower – Plymouth Hoe

thumbnail_011 Tamar Ferry_edited-1

Tamar Ferry – Crossing the River Tamar

thumbnail_012 Plym Ferry_edited-1

Plym Ferry – Crossing the River Tamar

thumbnail_013 The Lynher Ferry_edited-1

Lynher Ferry – Crossing the River Tamar

thumbnail_014 Barbican Bistros_edited-1

Barbican Bistros

thumbnail_021 In My Bedroom_edited-1

In My Bedroom

thumbnail_022 In My Duffle Bag_edited-1

In My Duffle Bag

thumbnail_023 In My Christmas Stocking_edited-1

In my Christmas Stocking

thumbnail_026 Oberon+Pupoise_edited-1

Oberon / Porpoise Submarine

thumbnail_028 HMS Triumph_edited-1

HMS Triumph – Early Morning Tea

thumbnail_030 HMS Hermes_edited-1

HMS Hermes

thumbnail_032 The Tamar Bridges_edited-1

The Tamar Bridges

thumbnail_033 Plymouth Hoe_edited-1

Plymouth Hoe

thumbnail_036 In Town After School_edited-1

 In Town After School – Royal Parade, Plymouth

thumbnail_039 Two Man Chariot Mk 1_edited-1

Two Man Chariot Mk 1

thumbnail_048 KMS Turpitz 4450_edited-1

KMS Turpitz

thumbnail_068 Mutton Cove and Boats_edited-1

Mutton Cove Harbour

thumbnail_121 Boats & Bistros_edited-1

Boats and Bistros – Plymouth Barbican

thumbnail_150 Prince Of Wales_edited-1

HMS Prince Of Wales

thumbnail_152 Acoustic Strings_edited-1

Acoustic Strings

thumbnail_153 Showtime_edited-1


thumbnail_165 Christmas Presents_edited-1

Christmas Presents

thumbnail_001 Plymouth Pier

John Makin, Plymouth Artist

About John Makin

John Makin a local Plymouth artist was born on November 1947 in Devonport, Plymouth, and with the exception of a brief spell as an officer in the Merchant Navy, has lived and worked in Plymouth all his life.

After leaving school John began work in Devonport Dockyard, and it was here he became a fully indetured coppersmith, moving on to become a Draughtsman in the Dockyard, then becoming a member of the Nuclear Refuelling Team, later moving on to work for many years at HMS Raleigh.

The first art print release in 1990 of John’s work was of the Plymouth Pier, shown in all its former glory and this print still sells well today, along with many of his other well known works to-date of Plymouth past and present.

John’s works have been exhibted in many galleries and sites in and around Plymouth, including the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery where he received commendations for two of his exhibited works, Plymouth Pier, and in my bedroom.

John Makin Art

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